Stand Strong Against Bullying

A Guide for Young Champions

An empowering journey to understand and overcome bullying, by Reverend Brent La Prince Edwards

Dive into an engaging, poetic, and cartoon-illustrated guide that empowers young minds to combat bullying. Crafted by an internationally recognized minister and speaker, this book encourages open discussions, fosters self-esteem, and provides action plans for prevention and coping.


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The Author

Who is Brent La Prince Edwards?

The Reverend Brent La Prince Edwards is an ordained minister and highly sought speaker, author, artist, seminar and workshop leader. His gifts and experiences has afforded him opportunities to travel, minister and speak internationally on numerous platforms alongside several keynote speakers of today.

You Can’t Bully Me Anymore

YOU CAN’T BULLY ME ANYMORE, is a powerful, encouraging and engaging book to educate and empower elementary school-aged children concerning the growing epidemic of bullying.
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